What Can I Do To Sell A House That Won’t Sell?

You may have spent a lot of money on home ads and lowered your prices several times, but no one has called you. Your home may even become an expired listing after a while. But try not to get down, because even if your home doesn’t sell, there are still things you can do. Put … Continued

How do I sell a house that needs a lot of work in Margate FL?

Is it possible to sell your house quickly in Margate, Florida if it needs major repairs, but they’re either prohibitively pricey, or time-consuming? Selling as-is, making only modest repairs, or focusing on the high-ticket items that most buyers care about are all alternatives for the time-crunched house seller in this case. Find out how to … Continued
Selling a home in probate south florida

How do I sell a house In Probate In South Florida?

It’s easy to be intimidated by the prospect of a probate sale. It’s definitely not a walk in the park. It can put a burden on a family, but it can be made to go much more smoothly with preparation and understanding. The sale of probate property does not have to be complicated. To begin, … Continued
Avoid Foreclosure in Naples, Fl. We buy houses Naples

What is the best way to avoid foreclosure in Naples, FL?

Reinstating the loan, redeeming the property prior to the sale, or declaring bankruptcy are all options for halting a foreclosure. A foreclosure can be avoided if you can come up with a solution to reduce your losses, such as a loan modification. If you’re facing foreclosure and need assistance, consider working with a company like … Continued

Will Selling Cost You Money in Florida

How may I lose money by selling? It’s a difficult concept to grasp, yet it is true. Most people jump at the chance to put their home on the market without taking into account the costs involved. Knowing the fees and expenses that go along with listing a home with a real estate agent is … Continued

Avoiding Naples Foreclosure: 5 Steps to Success

Do not ignore the rain if it is raining black clouds on a sunny day over your head. Examine the correspondence from your lender to see where you stand in the process. Make sure you find and thoroughly read your mortgage documents before you miss a payment. Foreclosure has not yet been issued if the … Continued

If You’re Unsure If You Can Live Under A HOA, This Guide Can Help

When searching for your next home, the neighborhood or community you choose matters when it comes to things like affordability, proximity to work and the right schools for your kids. If the neighborhood you like best is governed by a homeowners association, you’ll have a few more factors to consider, from the additional monthly cost … Continued

Selling a House after a Divorce in Naples, FL

Selling a house after divorce in Florida is an option to divide the assets between the separating couple. If you are planning to or going through a divorce and neither of you wishes to stay in your family home for whatever reasons, you can sell your home at the best price possible. However, the process … Continued