8 Common Title Issues You May Face In Florida

Man reading title issues

Whether you’ve just moved into a home or have been living in your home since you were a baby, each home has a history. And your title search is one way to uncover any issues with your title. If you are wondering what title issues you must look for, this post is for you. 

8 Common Title Issues

Here are 8 of the most common title issues you may encounter. 

  1. Mistakes in Public Records

There can be clerical and filing errors that may affect the survey or deed of your property. No matter how small, such mistakes can cause undue financial strains for you. 

  1. Unknown liens

Did you check if the previous homeowner was meticulous with their bookkeeping and paid all debts taken against the home you now own? You have to remember that such debts follow the property and whoever owns the property owns the debt. So, check for unknown liens, especially when thinking about buying a house. 

  1. Illegal Deeds

While your property’s chain of title may seem perfect, there is a possibility that the prior deed was the work of a minor, undocumented immigrant, or someone falsifying their identity. These instances may affect the effectiveness of previous deeds and result in affecting your ownership as well. 

  1. Forgeries

We hear about forgeries all the time. However, little do we expect that it will ever happen to us. Sometimes fabricated and forged documents of your property can affect your ownership filed within public records. Therefore, get your title checked for forgery, or it may jeopardize your right to homeownership. 

  1. Undiscovered Encumbrances

When inheriting a house or buying one, you may not have known that a third party already holds a claim to part or all of your property. This can be due to lien, former mortgages, or non-financial claims such as covenants or restrictions putting a limitation on how you can use the property. 

  1. Unknown Easement

While you may be the rightful owner of a property, an unknown easement can prohibit how you can use your home or property. This could even allow businesses, third parties, or government agencies to access all or a portion of your property at their discretion. Therefore, look out for those. 

  1. Boundary Disputes

You probably witness numerous surveys of your property before buying it. However, there can be past surveys that may show different boundaries. This may allow other parties and neighbors to claim ownership of a portion of your property. 

  1. Undiscovered Will 

Whenever a homeowner dies without writing a will, nominating an heir, or having no heir at all, the state usually sells the property and other assets, including the home. If you buy such a home, you will assume rights as an owner. However, if some years down the line, a will of a deceased owner comes to light, your right to ownership of the house will be in serious jeopardy. 


If you are thinking about buying a house, it is best to quickly run a title search to ensure no common title issues are present. If your title seems ok and you wish to sell your home for an instant cash offer, we at Florida Home buyers can help. Speak to our home buying experts for a free no-obligation cash offer today!