Read on for the options for selling a house that needs repairs, on a short timeline.

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Selling A Home With Damages (Water, Fire, Mold)

There are several reasons to sell a home that has been damaged. For example, if you inherited a damaged house or the tenants that lived in it damaged the property, it could be time to sell. 

This post will guide you through how to sell a damaged house and to whom you might be able to sell it. 

Possible Damages a Home Can Suffer

Although most houses are rather robust (at least in theory), there are still numerous things that damage them both inside the house and out. 

  • Water damage 

Water is a common source of damage. For example, your property can be damaged by water from faulty plumbing, such as leaky faucets or frozen pipes that can burst. Weather conditions can also cause significant external damage to your property. 

  • Environmental disasters 

1 in 10 homes was affected by environmental disasters in 2021. Wind and environmental disasters can cause external damage in extreme circumstances, but most modern homes have built-in protection against these problems.

  • Degradable home interior 

Some parts of a home’s interior are degradable and don’t last as long as bricks and mortar. 

In addition, wiring problems are likely to develop in old homes. Also, structural damage from termites and rot, mildew, and moisture can develop within the property. 

Selling Off Your Damaged Home Effectively

While it might not be easy to sell a damaged home, it is not impossible. The following are ways to sell a damaged property 

  1. Sell your property through a real estate agent 

You can use the services of a real estate agent to sell your home at a fair asking price. With a real estate agent, you don’t have to spend time and effort searching for a buyer for your home. 

A real estate agent won’t undervalue your home and will help you set a realistic asking price. They will also expose your home to the right market and help you get potential buyers. However, the agent will request a commission fee ranging from 6%-10% or even a part of the closing costs. 

  1. Sell the home yourself

An advantage of selling the home yourself is that you have control over the whole process, and you don’t have to share the proceeds with another person. However, selling a damaged home yourself might prove difficult. 

If you aren’t an expert in the market, it might be difficult to set a realistic asking price or get access to potential buyers. The entire process will also be time-consuming and tasking.  

  1. Sell your property to a cash buyer 

Many people specialize in buying a damaged home and renovating it for resale. You may have noticed signs that say, “sell your fixer-upper home.”

Real estate investors or cash buyers are interested in buying any kind of house, even the damaged ones. So they buy houses fast, pay cash, fix up the house and resell it.

This method of selling may be excellent for you if you need to sell your home quickly. It will also help you save a lot of time and money by not having to renovate it. 

For instance, one of the best cash buyers available, Florida Homebuyers, will give you a fair cash offer fast and won’t require any commissions or repairs. 

Benefits of selling your damaged home to cash buyers

Cash buyers will buy your damaged house AS-IS if you have one to sell. A real estate investor will acquire it regardless of its flaws. You are then relieved of any obligation for the house’s current condition when you accept the investor’s cash offer.

You don’t have to pay commissions when selling to an investor or closing costs. There will be no hidden fees at the end of the transaction. Here are some other benefits of selling your damaged home to the right real estate agency:

  • Selling your home to an investor is faster than using a traditional real estate agent. You won’t have to wait for the loan approval of a possible buyer. You won’t have to deal with a house inspector or anyone else in the middle. Instead, the investor handles all the paperwork.
  • You can get a fair asking price quickly and be paid in cash for your home in days. There are no deductions or hidden fees from the money you get at closing.
  • They buy any house irrespective of the condition. So, you don’t need to spend extra money on repairs or cleaning with cash buyers. 

The entire real estate transaction is shortened because the investor buys your home with cash. You don’t have to sit around waiting for your buyer to acquire a mortgage approval, praying that nothing goes wrong. You are not required to visit the courthouse or sift through any documents. Almost none of the paperwork is your responsibility. Instead, the investor handles the details after running it by you.

Sell your damaged home to Florida Home Buyers 

The goal of this article is not to choose for you a method of selling your damaged house but to provide you with all the information you need.

With Florida Home Buyers, you can be relieved of the stress that accompanies selling a house. Instead, you sell for the agreed-upon price, freeing up the cash value of your house to be used as needed, whether to pay off debts, relocate, or for other reasons.

Homeowners are increasingly opting to sell their property as-is due to the benefits.

No need for a middle man who will request commissions and no hassle when selling your home with Florida home buyers 


Irrespective of your reasons for selling a damaged house, it is possible to sell it as-is. With a cash buyer, you can avoid issues such as foreclosure and repairs. Simply contact Florida Home Buyers, fill out a form, and get a quick quote for your property.

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