Selling To Florida Home Buyers vs. Listing With A Local Florida Agent

If you’re selling your home in a seller’s market like Florida, it’s still a good idea to look at your options and see what’s best for you. Despite the fact that a local South Florida real estate agent may be able to get you a higher “top line” sales price, that doesn’t always translate into more money in your pocket or less headaches. Compare your options in the following sections.

Selling w/ An AgentSOLD To our Company
Commissions / Fees:6%NONE
Who Pays For Repairs?:YourselfNONE
Average Days Until Sold:14-90 +/- DaysImmediate CASH OFFER
Inspection & Financing Contingency*:Up To 15%NONE
Who Pays Closing Costs?:6%NONE
Appraisal Needed:YesNONE

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Each method of selling your home in Florida has its own advantages when the numbers are crunched.

Florida Home Buyers can’t offer you the full market value of your house if we make a cash offer, but we can buy your house for more than that if we use other methods. For example, our “subject to” program, which is geared toward people with low equity, offers some innovative options. In addition, we provide other advantages that a traditional house sale cannot. Like…

As soon as the title is clear, you can close the deal and walk away with your money in as little as 14 days!

As soon as you can, you can get your hands on that property and avoid making any more utility or insurance or mortgage payments of any kind. Listing your house and waiting 90 days or more to close means that you must factor in all of the costs of holding that property while you are waiting for a buyer to come forward.

You don’t have to worry about making any repairs or cleaning your home over and over again for each and every buyer that comes through.

We don’t care how filthy your house is or how many repairs are required (a complete fixer?). great! We’d like to put in an offer on your house because we enjoy working on them. You’ll save both time and money by doing this.

The closing costs are taken care of because we are a full-service professional home buyer in Florida. All closing costs are covered by us. You get exactly what we promise (of course minus any mortgage payoff or other encumbrances on the property). It’s refreshing, isn’t it?

Because of this, working with Florida Home Buyers and saving time, money, and hassle while selling your house the traditional way, selling to a professional house buyer is often the best option for many local homeowners.

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